How To Download Google Classroom

How To Download Google Classroom
How To Download Google Classroom

Hi everyone today I am going to tell you about how to Download Google Classroom in your mobile and how to use Google Classroom in pc or laptop.

What is Google Classroom :

Google Classroom is a different way of learning for students or company staff, it helps the students for learning their subjects and lessens easily in smartphones no need to go to classes. But students must have smartphones or laptops. Because it is an online classroom.

And teachers have benefits in this platform they can monitor their students and organize the output of the students. In this platform have two sections one is a student and another one is a stream.

The student’s section is to help you to connect with the can manually enter the student’s Gmail to enter the Google classroom.

Another way to enter the classroom is you will send code of your classroom to students and they will enter the classroom by using his Gmail.

The Stream section allows you to post any assignments, announcements, and any ask any questions for the students in your classroom.

How to Download Google Classroom :

Let see that

How to use in pc or Laptops

Google Classroom Link For Pc or Laptop:

First click the link given above it will redirect you to Google classroom official site and follow the steps given below.

just choose your Gmail id for your Classroom to continue.

Click the “+ button” on the right side top corner of the Google Classroom page and there are two options shows in that area

How To Download Google Classroom

one joins the class and another one is to create class choose what you want to do in the Google classroom.

If you want to join the class please select the “join class” option and enter the given code by the teacher.

If you want to create a classroom for your students select the “create class” option and enter details of the class and create the class.

After creating the classroom invite your students to attend the class in Google classroom by sending your invitation link or your class code. By clicking the link and entering the code they will join your class.

For Android mobile

Link to download in android mobile:

Download Google Classroom by using the link or button given above in android mobile

How To Download Google Classroom in android mobile.
How To Download Google Classroom in android mobile

After download the Google classroom on your mobile. Follow the same steps in pc we are given above in the mobile to use Google Classroom

Just install the app in your android mobile and give your Gmail id for signup and create your own classroom for teachers and sent the code or link to your through WhatsApp or any other social media.

If you are a student install app and enter your code or link given by your teachers to enter the classroom.

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