Google Meet vs Zoom: Which one is Good.

Hello everyone today I am going to tell you about the comparison between the two bigger meeting platform apps. Google Meet vs Zoom

One is Google Meet the other one Zoom Meet. come on let us see the features of both two apps.

Availability in your browsers.

Google Meet.

It allows you to participate in meeting through browsers like chrome, Mozilla, or your internet explorer, etc. Without using any plugins for that on your pc or laptops. You just visit the link and enter your give code or link to joining the meeting or create a meeting for your students or clients.

You can use the Google Meet app also it is available for both Android and IOS users. Android users can download the app in the play store and the IOS user can download the app in your app store.

Zoom Meet:

In zoom, you wouldn’t able to host a meeting through a browser on your pc, laptop, or mobile phone. Nevertheless, you can join the meeting through the browser by using plugins for your browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

You can join or host a meeting through the Zoom app. It is available in the Google Play store and it is available both Android and IOs users.

Limitations for Participants and Meeting Time Google Meet

Zoom Meet:

Zoom Meet Provides free users for 40 minutes to conduct their meetings in Zoom. If the 40 minutes will be finished the virtual meeting will be closed automatically without any permission needed from the host of the meeting.

A free user can host a meeting with 100 Participants and using the 40 minutes of time for their meeting at Zoom Meet.

Google Meet vs Zoom Google Meet vs Zoom.

Google Meet Vs Zoom: Recording facility.

Google Meet:

It didn’t give permission for the free user to record their meeting on your mobile. you want to choose a plan and pay or if you paid for G Suit Enterprises or G suit enterprises education seamlessly you can record your meeting.

The Recording option will give after September 30 in google meet.

Zoom Meet:

In Zoom Meet you can record your meeting in your phone internal storage.

Google Meet Vs Zoom: Screen Sharing facility.

Both meeting platforms give the facility to host can share their screen with their attendees in the meeting.

Google Meet Vs Zoom: Overall Comparisons.

FeaturesGoogle MeetZoom
AvailabilityWeb, Android, iOSmacOS, Windows, Android, iOS
Direct Web accessYesNo
Participants limit100100
Meeting time limit60 minutes (unlimited until Sept. 30)40 minutes
Multiple participants on single screenYesYes
Screen sharingYesYes
Recording supportNoYes
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